The Foundation Executive Committee
The Following LTSF Members were elected to the Executive Committee by the membership
at the Annual Meeting in September 2017 and will serve until the 2018 Annual Meeting.

Executive Committee Calendar

Meeting Dates
April 17, 2018
May 15, 2018
June 19, 2018

Next Foundation Annual Meeting
September TBA, 2018
1:30 PM
at the Lone Tree Spirit Foundation
"Spirit Day" Annual Fall Event

All meetings are held at Lone Tree Scout
Reservation unless otherwise noted.  
Meetings start at 7:30 PM unless otherwise
noted.  All are welcome to attend.

Any cancellations or meeting changes will be
posted in this space.
Harry Taylor, Original Founding Vice Chairman
Picture from the 1990 LTSR Staff Photo
Brian Sullivan
Picture from the 1994 LTSR Aquatics Staff Photo
Donald Blaszka, Jr., Immediate Past Chairman
Picture from the 1990 LTSR Staff Photo
George Dionne, Jr.  45's Tournament Chairman
Picture from the 1990 LTSR Staff Photo
Richard Preble
Picture from the 1994 LTSR Staff Photo
Mark Rousseau, Foundation Vice Chairman
Picture from the 1989 LTSR Staff Photo
Matthew Jezierski, Foundation Treasurer
Picture from the 1987 LTSR Staff Photo
Jovin Ciarletta
Photo from the 2005 LTSR Reunion
Dan Ross
Photo from the 2005 LTSR Reunion
Wapantpeu Lenno
Grey-Headed One
striving to serve their camp and make their lodge a great one.  Earl was known
One”.  This was an endearing title, not just for Earl's trademark hair, but also an
indicator of the type of advice and wise counsel a lodge chief could expect to
get from Earl.    

There are many Scouting honors bestowed upon dedicated volunteers and Earl
Collins earned them all: District Award of Merit, Silver Beaver, Vigil Honor.  
However there were those who felt these honors were not enough to signify
what Earl meant to Scouting.  In 2008 the Council Camping Committee, upon the
recommendation of members of the Lone Tree District, approved a permanent
salute to Earl: the naming of the Earl D. Collins Council Ring at Lone Tree Scout
Reservation.  Not only is it a place of great Scouting and Lone Tree spirit, but the
Council Ring is also the grounds on which so many scouts, led by Kichkinet, take
their first steps in search of the arrow.  The naming of this good soil is a fitting
tribute to a beloved Lodge Adviser.  In May 2008 Nanepashemet Lodge 158
presented the TKF/FStar Production of
“Footsteps: The Path of Earl D. Collins.”  
With Earl, his wife and children in attendance, this show was presented at the
Lone Tree District Dinner where it was announced that the LTSR Council Ring
would be named for Earl.  In April 2010 Nanepashemet Lodge 158 began
Legacy Project, undertaking renovations to the Earl Collins Council Ring
including a new gateway and sign honoring Earl.  

For those of us who worked with Earl as boys we were very happy to have him as
a co-founder and board member of the Lone Tree Spirit Foundation.  As always,
Earl provided the mix of wit and wisdom we were so accustomed to.  

Earl’s legacy of servant leadership lives on today in Nanepashemet Lodge where
he served as the lodge’s first Vigil Adviser and where he continued through his
last weeks to provide counsel and support to the advisers who succeeded him.  
Earl Collins has gone home but he has left an enduring legacy of service to
Scouting and the Order of the Arrow.
Donald Blaszka, Sr., Foundation Chairman
Photo taken in Scouters Lodge
Earl Collins
Dick Sanders
Photo from LTSR Summer Camp 2009
Lindsey Taylor Dionne
Photo from LTSR Summer Camp 2009
Will Dinsmore  Camp Ranger, LTSR
Marty Kadel
Photo from LTSF Reunion 2004
Michelle Merritt
Photo from yesterday in Scouters' Lodge
Erin Finn, Foundation Secretary
Brendan McNeill, LTSR Camp Director
Michael Bryant, Original Founding Chairman
Picture from the 1990 LTSR Staff Photo
Brian Finn
Wyatt Wunderlich