The Lone Tree Spirit Foundation, Inc.
A New Hampshire Non Profit Corporation
About LTSF
As stated in the Articles of Agreement and By-Laws, the Lone Tree Spirit Foundation exists
heritage and enrichment of Lone Tree, and to promote the brotherhood of scouting among
Lone Tree Scout Reservation is a 130 acre Boy Scout Camp located in Kingston, NH and
owned by the Spirit of Adventure Council, Boy Scouts of America.  From 1946 to 1994 the
camp served as a residential summer camp for Boy Scouts during the summer seasons
and as a camping spot for Boy Scout Troops during the off-season.  Since 1994 LTSR has
served as the Council's Cub Scout camp and continues to serve as a camping destination
for Scout Troops from September to June.

The mission of the Foundation is fivefold:  1) to be an alumni association for former LTSR
campers, staff, Scouters, and Arrowmen; 2) to preserve the history and traditions of Lone
Tree Scout Reservation; 3) to help fund projects at the camp that would otherwise not be.

Dues are currently $20 annually.  Membership in the foundation is not required in order to
participate in the annual reunion or participate in other foundation

On September 17, 2004 The Lone Tree Spirit Foundation, Inc. became a New Hampshire
non-profit corporation.  The first executive committee was elected at the Annual Meeting
on October 2, 2004.  The Foundation is also a federally recognized 501c3 charity.

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