Nanepashemet Lodge
Order of the Arrow
The last Ordeal Induction Weekend for 2007 is...
November 9 - 11 at Lone Tree Scout Reservation

If you were elected to membership by your troop in the last
year this is your last opportunity to participate in the induction
without seeking election again next year.  Come join
Scouting's National Honor Society.  See "
" below for registration forms and instructions.
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Inductions Chairman:  Keith Lord
Inductions Advisor:  
Michael Bryant

Ceremonies Co-Chairman: Matt Arnold
Ceremonies Co-Chairman: Mike Harradon
Ceremonies Advisor:  Dan Smith
If you are a candidate for membership and need further information on the
induction or need to arrange to attend the Ordeal other than at your appointed
time, please e-mail:
Inductions Information
The page contains information for OA Elections, Candidates for Membership,
and Brotherhood Membership
The Official Nanepashment Lodge Website is located at
Brotherhood Information

Brotherhood Ceremonies will take place on
Friday night at each of the Ordeal
weekends and at the Lodge Fellowship in
May.  See the attached forms to register for
the ceremony.

Brotherhood Invitation

Brotherhood Registration
Elections Information

The following are the necessary forms
for conducting Unit Elections.  All of
these forms, with the exception of the
Adult Application, are to be used only
by the Chapter Elections teams.  Adult
Nominations must be received at the
Council Service Center by May 1,

Unit Election Report

Adult Nomination Form

Election Results
Candidate Information

The following are the necessary forms
and information for the your
participation in the Induction
Weekend.  For the November 2007
weekend your registration must be
received by November 2nd.

Candidate Instructions

Candidate Registration

Class 1 Medical Form

Please visit the lodge's new website at for all your
Nanepashemet Lodge and Passaquo
Chapter information.